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Liz's livejournal

nasty brutish and short

I'm Liz. Hello.

Studying for a PhD in Philosophy at Durham University, and being given big wads of taxpayers' money for the privilege.

I live with fidel crespo, Red Jamie, The Communist Rubberman in a small village called Sacriston, which anyone who is not from the North East will not have heard of, and most people who are from the North East will not have heard of either. Importantly it is near Durham, where I was born and went to playgroup, nursery, primary school, secondary school, sixth-form and now university (This may betray something of a lack of imagination).

Did my first degree in St Andrews, my second one in Durham and am currently working on the third (Yes- that makes me feel important, please don't burst my bubble)

I'll replace this with something good as soon as I think of it,


my pet!

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